Um jogo de tiro tático pioneiro, além de ser um marco nas adaptações de histórias em quadrinhos para videogames, Rogue Trooper® voltou, remasterizado e revitalizado em alta definição de verdade.

Enfrente o aclamado combate em uma explosiva experiência em terceira pessoa que vai contar uma estória nomeada ao BAFTA, repleta de traição e vingança nos confins da galáxia.

Você é o último Genetic Infantryman (GI). Criado para a guerra e traído por seus superiores no massacre de Quartz Zone, você vai explorar o campo de batalha como um esquadrão de um homem só, levando os biochips inteligentes de três soldados abatidos em seu fuzil, em sua mochila e em seu capacete.

Sua missão? Lutar nos desertos venenosos de Nu Earth, um planeta devastado por uma guerra apocalíptica sem fim, em busca do Traitor General… e da vingança!


Um clássico retorna com gráficos HD, materiais atualizados, iluminação dinâmica, geometria aprimorada, novos efeitos especiais e mais. Entre os novos recursos estão controles modernos, configurações de dificuldade adicionais e um sistema de proteção renovado.


Avance lutando por 13 enormes missões em uma campanha dinâmica, escrita pelo famoso autor Gordon Rennie. Lute contra o insidioso regime de Nort em locais icônicos dos quadrinhos do Rogue Trooper, incluindo Quartz Zone, Petrified Forest e Harpo’s Ferry.


Encare a clássica jogabilidade do Rogue Trooper®, uma combinação de ação furtiva, combate com sistema de proteção e cenários épicos. Cumpra os objetivos da maneira que preferir enquanto destrói soldados e veículos do Nort com Lazookas, explosivos, torres e mais.


Seus biochips não estão lá só para conversar com você, eles são sua vantagem tática! Gunnar transforma seu fuzil em um sentinela e reforça sua precisão durante a batalha. Helm oferece conselhos táticos e distrai inimigos. Bagman pode criar munição personalizada, recuperar peças, aprimorar armas e até instalar minas terrestres!


Teste suas habilidades no modo cooperativo online para 2 a 4 jogadores e reviva os eventos que antecederam a campanha principal. Defenda sua posição contra ondas de perigosos Norts na 'Fortaleza', ou lute até chegar à segurança no modo 'Progressivo'!

Steam PlayStation 4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch

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O Rogue Trooper está de volta, melhor que nunca e já disponível para compra! Remasterizado e revitalizado em verdadeira alta definição, você poderá viver o aclamado combate e a ação explosiva desta estória nomeada a um BAFTA, que levará você aos confins da galáxia.

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Friday 24th November, 2017

Rogue Trooper Redux is an exciting third person shooter set on Nu-Earth. The player will find themselves caught up in a war between the Norts and the Southers. You are Rogue, a soldier from a gentically engineered race of warriors who are impervious to the harsh environments of the world you are fighting on.

Throughout the campaign you will face intense Nort adversity and adapt your skillset by obtaining your fellow G.I's biochips (once they have perished). These biochips will allow the player to access new equipment and weaponry and aid in the resistance against the Nort onslaught. The idea of the biochips is that they can be later placed into a new body allowing the continuance of seemingly fallen G.I. - "we're genetic infantry – even when we're dead we don't escape from war."

The game begins during the Quartz Zone Massacre. Rogue is seemingly the only survivor and must adapt quickly in order to stay alive. You will continually adapt equipment and weaponry and use your surroundings as a means to repel Nort forces.

Meet the team!

Every GI has a bio-chip attached to their bodies. All their personality traits are downloaded onto the chip. In the instance they are killed in combat their chips can be re-assigned to pieces of equipment and live on in mechanical form. They can also be re-gened into another body and be reborn to fight as a GI again. In Rogue Trooper Redux we come into contact with 3 of Rogues fellow troopers. All 3 aid in his progession throughout the game.


  • He is named Gunnar because of his excellent skills as a marksman.
  • Is assigned bio-chip number 2 as we see when he is the first Trooper to perish in game.
  • Is parodied in the Judge Dredd story in prog 954, Blaster Buddy.

Despite the fact that he is supposed to be genetically superior as a result of precise engineering, he is know for his unstable personality and violent tendancies. His friend Rogue managed to get him cleared for combat, despite intial reservations by Milli-Com. Upon deployment into the Quartz Zone, Gunnar is unceremoniously killed by a Nort. Rogue removes Gunnars bio-chip and attaches it

to his rifle, where he aids in the control of the weapon and advises Rogue on certain tactics when dispatching the enemy.

Your GI rifle also has turret capabilities. In the instance you are about to come under heavy fire you can set Gunnar up as a turret and take cover, whilst he takes out the oncoming enemies. This is particularly useful when you are about to go through locked doors. By setting gunnar up in front of the door, then hacking the door with Helm you can provide a heavy fire suprise with the Gunnar turret.

Your rifle also has silencer capabilities which enable you to take out targets without alerting other enemy units


  • By placing Helm on specific coded entrances, Helm can hack the systems by digitally entering computer software.
  • Spends the majority of his existence riding around on Rogues head.
  • I assigned bio-chip number 1. He is the last Trooper to die in the game.

Like Gunnar and Bagman, Helm is on the unfortunate end of the Quartzone massacre and finds himself murdered by Nort forces. Conflicting accounts state that Helm died in the Orange Sea some time after the initial massace. His demise is however always attributed to a Nort ambush. Helms biochip is again removed by Rogue and attached to his helmet. Helm acts as a lookout for Rogue and often advises him on alternative routes through the Nu-Earth landscape. His bio-chip attachment also allows Rogue to have a holodecoy to draw fire away from him in the instance he comes under heavy attack. You can also draw attention to your position by selecting 'attract' in your biochip menu. This aids in drawing fire away from you allies.

You can also draw attention to your position by selecting 'attract' in your biochip menu. This aids in drawing fire away from you allies.

If it wasn't bad enough that he now exists in Rogues helmet, Helms love interest is Venus Bluegenes who unfortunately has feelings for Rogue!


  • Is assigned bio-chip number 3. He is the second of the team to be killed.
  • Has an unhealthy passion for making mines for Rogue to use!
  • Is known for periodic bouts of mental instability.

Bagmans' life started with tragedy, with at 12 years old his actions lead to the murder of prototype GI's. Milli-Com exterminated them as a result of Bagman disvovering their existence. After being cleared for combat Bagman was sent to Nu-Earth where he met a grizzly fate. His bio-chip is taken on by rogue where he is integral in the storage of useful materials for the creation of ammo and other equipment.

Enemies Guide.

Thursday 23rd November, 2017

The main antagonists in Rogue Trooper Redux are the Norts. They are citizens of the Greater Nordland Republic, which is engaged in a galaxy-wide war with the Southern Cross Confederacy (commonly referred to as Southers). They want control of Nu Earth and will stop at nothing to destroy the opposing Souther forces. As Nu Earth has been ravaged by war the atmosphere is toxic forcing the Norts to have to wear protective breathing apparatus. Below are a list of enemies you will face during the campaign.

Nort Infantryman – The most common of the Nort forces you will come into contact with. Often seen in squadrons, these soldiers are pretty easy to dispatch, however they can overwhelm and their firepower is deceivingly harsh.

Nort Sergeant – Leading the infantrymen are their sergeants. They have increased armour and damage dealing abilities so are a lot more challenging to take out.

Sniper – Ranged enemy that can deal significant damage with his rifle. The best course of action in response to sniper fire is to seek refuge amongst the ruins of Nu-Earth and take him out with your own rifles capabilities.

EMP Trooper – An enemy capable of disabling Rogues equipment in temporary bursts by operating an EMP device. They usually keep their distance, but within range to cause significant frustration. They can often be found hiding on elevated points of the map and use cover to prevent themselves from getting taken out. A concise head shot can end this soldiers EMP barrage.

Hopper – A flying gunship that carries Nort soldier. The vehicle can deal massive amounts of damage with its front mounted chain gun so be wary and stand well clear.

Nort tactical armour – An armoured suit that can take and deal massive damage. Scrambler grenades are useful in slowing this machine down and allowing you to take shots at its cache.

Nort Heavy Support Armour – Much larger than Nort tactical armour. Can deal massive damage but is again exposed when hit with scrambler grenades.

The Traitor General – Former Souther military commander who gives Norts information about the Southers ultimately leading to the Quartz Zone Massacre. Rogues mission is mostly spent chasing the general down in order to get revenge for the mass murder of his comrades.

Weapons Guide.

Wednesday 22nd November, 2017


Your basic side arm. This deceivingly powerful gun can dispatch enemies in the instance your more devastating alternatives have been exhausted of ammo. This weapon never runs out of clips so feel free to blast away to your hearts content!

GI Rifle:

Standard issue for all GI's.

This gun has two firing modes:

  • Close range, burst fire for dispatching multiple enemies.
  • Long range for taking out ranged enemies.


  • Make good use out of the auto aim function as it helps focus damage on enemy Norts.
  • Continually check for upgrades as enemy units get progressively more diffiuclt to deal with.
  • Aim for the head as damage is significantly increased, particulalrly in snipe mode.

Your assault/sniper rifle combo is particularly useful when dispatching multiple enemies, especially when Gunnars chip is added to include auto targeting. The sniper capabilities aid in the ranged offensive against the Norts. Sniper bullets pack a major punch and can one shot Norts with a precise head shot.

Your rifle also has silencer capabilities which enable you to take out targets without alerting other enemy units.


A powerful, close ranged upgrade to your GI rifle. This add on can deal massive, one shot damage to enemies at close range. Ideal for close quarter combat.


Mines are designed to ambush the enemy. They can be placed in doorways and narrow walkways to catch covert insurgents out. These can also be used to blow up valves and control panels.


  • Place Micro-mines behind you in the event you are flanked.

Frag Grenade:

Standard issue fragmentations explosive grenade. Particularly useful for clearing larger groups of enemies.

Scrambler Grenade:

These act as stun explosives that can disable Nort tactical armour and heavy support armour that may prove difficult when using lighter damage weapons.

Incendiary Grenade:

Fire grenades that upon impact can engulf enemies in flames and cause massive damage.

Sticky Grenade:

Explosives that can attach to targets and prevent them from escaping the blast.

Mortar Launcher:

This upgrade to you rifle allows you to fire mortar round over the heads of you enemies and deal massive damage. This modification is particularly useful in dealing with heavily armoured vehicles.


  • Aim just above the head of groups of Norts and watch as the rounds drop and spread causing major damage.
  • Make sure to select in the instance you are up against Nort Tactical armour. The range of the mortar gives you distance from the enemy whilst being able to delivery a hammer blow to your opponent.

Sammy Launcher:

This powerful upgrade acts like your very own, hand held Emplacement. Once locked on it fires a devastating rocket that deals huge damage to enemies. The Sammy is perfect for taking out hoppers and heavily armoured enemies.

Beam Rifle:

This powerful weapon delivers massive damage to enemies at close range. The beam travels through multiple enemies at once if they are close to each other. Whilst not effective at close range, it is lethal in close quarter combat.

In the course of your campaign you will come into contact with other weapons, separate to your standard issue weapons. You can comandeer high powered fixed position machine gun posts to take out multiple enemies. Be wary that machine guns can overheat if fire is held too long. These weapons can also be used to take down grounded Hoppers. The best weapons for aerial units are Flak Cannons which deliver massive firepower. These are again grounded, static units that you will use in the instance you need to tackle flying units.

Hellfire cannons are huge guns capable of destroying submarines. They can be found on coastlines and deal the heaviest damage of any of the weapons you will use. You will on occasion liberate Lazooka's from enemy units which you will use to wipe out Blackmare tanks.

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